Posted on July 04, 2016 by Donny Lawrence

Thanks for visiting this fine site. Here’s some information about what I’m planning on doing with it.


I’ve never really attempted to create an online presence for myself before. I’ve used the standard social media sites that everyone else has, like Twitter and Facebook, but I haven’t really attempted to use them to their fullest potential. I made accounts just to have them, so I’ve never consistently posted anything anywhere.

My primary interests are all related to computer science in some way. I have always loved programming and tinkering with computers, and have probably been addicted since a very young age. I had always been content with keeping my creations to myself, never sharing them with anybody, even my family (not that they were worth showing anyway). But as time went on and I grew older and more experienced, I realized that I really wanted to share what I’ve made with the world. This blog is one of the first steps I’ve made towards achieving my goal of getting myself out there.

What kind of content will be here?

I don’t really know yet. If I find something interesting along the way in my programming adventures, or release something to the community that would be useful, I will probably post about it here. Right now I’m in the middle of making a game that will hopefully go somewhere, so it might be worth it to create a devblog about it to keep me motivated and to gather an audience. But for now, there aren’t any concrete plans.

I created this site with Jekyll, so there are probably a lot of missing features (like comments) that you’d expect to see on a site with a blog. Those will probably be included here very soon.

Thanks for visiting, and check back later for more!